The Dataset

The (Land Cover from Aerial Imagery) dataset is a dataset for automatic mapping of buildings, woodlands and water from aerial images.

Dataset features

  • land cover from Poland, Central Europe 1
  • three spectral bands - RGB
  • 33 orthophotos with 25 cm per pixel resolution (~9000x9500 px)
  • 8 orthophotos with 50 cm per pixel resolution (~4200x4700 px)
  • segmentation masks for three classes: buildings, woodlands and water
  • total area of 216.27 km2 (1.85 km2 of buildings, 72.22 km2 of woodlands, 13.25 km2 of water)

Dataset format

  • rasters are three channel GeoTiffs with EPSG:2180 spatial reference system
  • masks are single channel GeoTiffs with EPSG:2180 spatial reference system and contain information about buildings (1), woodlands (2) and water (3)

Reproduce and compare

We provide to split images into 512x512 pieces and following files: train.txt, val.txt and test.txt containing lists of pieces used for training, validation and testing respectively.

  1. Image source: Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography, Poland ↩︎


You can find a full description of the dataset here.


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The dataset can be downloaded from here.


If you encounter any problem or have any feedback, please contact (e-mail soon)